007: Transitioning from Conventional to Organic Farming w/ Steve Sinkula and Bryce Irlbeck

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Organics Unpacked Episode #7: Interview with Steve Sinkula, CEO of AgriSecure, and Bryce Irlbeck, Business Development Manager at AgriSecure Bryce: &q...

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Organics Unpacked Episode #7: Interview with Steve Sinkula, CEO of AgriSecure, and Bryce Irlbeck, Business Development Manager at AgriSecure

Bryce: "I think one of the biggest things you learn is, probably five years down the road, that conventional is a set process, meaning we're going to plant corn or we're going to plant soybeans. We have to make very few decisions in conventional farming, and there's a bunch of information around those decisions. In organics, none of that exists. It's a revolving door. You think you have something figured out, and then something else happens, and you have to move again and to create a whole new ecosystem on each individual farm. When we started out, we transitioned through alfalfa, which we got lucky figuring that out, and moved into what we thought would be a corn and soybean rotation and quickly realized that's not sustainable. We had to figure out how to get alfalfa and small grains back into the rotation. So, it's been a revolving door of information, learning, decision-making for the last about five years. I want to say, this year, we kind of have it figured out where we're headed in the future, but I'm sure after this year, we'll make a few more changes and switches. So, it's really that mindset that takes more than the actual work and actual production, of how you understand and how you think about things not in a conventional world but an organic world. Otherwise, you'll drive yourself crazy trying to make everything perfect.

A lot of people take for granted that they're organic, but the ‘staying power’ in organic is more difficult than getting there. But as far as walking through our progression, and it's very interesting following the other 70-plus producers we work with, I've seen this progression too. We started for the money. I mean, it was an economic decision, and I'd say it's probably a 90% economic decision. Then, after the years, it really became because of what we wanted to do and the satisfaction of accomplishing something rather than planting, spraying and harvesting and hoping for a penny or two. It became solving problems and solving issues and creating value, that we get paid for our knowledge and hard work, and being able to do something different than what everybody else is doing. So, I think a lot of people start for the money, and the people that stay in it are doing it for the actual excitement and the things they're doing for their land."

Show Notes:

In this episode, we welcome Steve Sinkula and Bryce Irlbeck from AgriSecure. Steve and Bryce discuss transitioning from conventional farming to organic farming, as well as new ways growers can better scale an organic operation to increase farm profitability.

Learn more about Avé Organics: https://aveorganics.com/

Learn more about AgriSecure: https://agrisecure.com/


Bryce is the Director of Business Development and Steve is the CEO of AgriSecure.
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