325 – The Easy Way to Record Your First Product Biz Video with Holly Gillen

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Are you afraid to make videos for your business? If so, you're not alone. The whole idea makes so many of us squirm! Today's guest shares exactly how to be comfortable on camera so you can reap the benefits of video in your biz.

Holly helps high-performing leading ladies save time on both sides of the camera by teaching them the skills they need to create not just video but Business Cinema™.

And she knows what she’s talking about having worked on projects for the Sundance Channel, HBO, Sony Music, and Nick.com. She’s also been a camera operator, video producer, and editor.

I think we’ve got the right gal!

Holly creates videos with a plan, purpose, system, and strategy. Videos that move your business forward and have a bigger purpose.
How To Be Comfortable On Camera

• Push past your fears and barriers. Love the creativity that videos allow you to have.
• If you're just uncomfortable in front of the camera, dig into that a little bit deeper and find out what your real fear is.  There's fear of being visible, there's fear of being vulnerable, there's fear of being judged.
• It doesn't necessarily mean your face needs to be on camera. As creators, there's a lot of fun and interesting things you do with your hands that people want to see.  Try overhead shots of your hands or a time-lapse video with a voiceover on it.
• Make videos even if it feels uncomfortable until you push past that breaking point. Just pick up your camera, look at it, and hit record.
• Find some natural light in your home and choose the time of day where you feel like you have the most energy. Feel free to make mistakes and learn from them.
• After recording, watch it all again, and be super-objective.Then share it with a trusted friend who will give you objective feedback.
• Write a full script, just a little outline, or some bullet points to keep you on target with what you want to say on videos .
• You will have moments where you stumble. You just need to pause before you start the sentence again.
• No one will ever be you. No one can ever do what you do the way that you do it.Don't be afraid to share because it is going to help attract your people to you.
• Thriller,  Filler, Spiller formula.  -- Pro Tip! Listen in for all the details on this.• Thriller is the first captivating thing you say to your viewer to keep them watching.
Try this formula: "I make ____ and it helps people ____."
• Filler is the value or whatever is the promise you make at the beginning of the video.
• Spiller is your call to action. What do you want the viewer to do next?

• Don't get caught up in fancy editing. The point is to get your message across and let your audience get to know you.
• Video ideas for product businesses:
• Intro video
• Behind the scenes of making your product
• Morning routine as you come into your studio
• Share your tools and how you  use it
• On the fly videos like at a craft show
• Slow-mo video of putting your booth together
• Customer testimonials
• Your take on a hot trend in your industry
• Bust myths or have a controversial opinion

• Where to use your videos:
• Embed in blog posts
• Send via newsletter
• On social platforms

• Tune in for all the tips and tricks for how to be comfortable on video!


• Screenflow video editor
• Adobe Premiere Rush
• InShot

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