ESSLNB Spotting Scope 25-75X70 Review

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ESSLNB Spotting Scope 25-75X70 Review CHECK OUT ON AMAZON ► Check Amazon's latest price (These things might go on Sale) ► http...

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ESSLNB Spotting Scope 25-75X70 Review
Check Amazon's latest price (These things might go on Sale) ►

Spotting Scope with Tripod and Phone Adapter, ESSLNB Even in low-light situations, the fully multi-coated large green film objective lens provides more required light. Multiple anti-reflective coating layers guarantee that the picture you see is as bright and crisp as possible, with 30% greater light transmission than K7/9. The excellent anti-reflection coating of BAK4 guarantees maximum light transmission and brightness. The BAK-4 prism has brighter edges of the field of vision, a higher refractive index rate, and a circular exit pupil, which implies that more light is transferred to the whole field of view. Zooming in on the subject is simple thanks to the 25X to 75X magnification and dynamic lens focusing technology. Various magnifications with varying eye relief Low magnification provides a broader field of view of the objects.

What makes this product a smarter choice?

Number 1: Universal Phone Adapter with Adjustable Angle

Tripod: A large smartphone digiscoping adaptor for photographing and filming. You may share the incredible event with your friends and family by uploading photos and videos to a social networking site. The operation phase is now simpler to mount in order to obtain fantastic pictures and movies than before. A metal tripod is adjustable, robust, and stable, with a vertical adjustment of 180 degrees and a horizontal adjustment of 360 degrees. It also includes a 1/4 interface thread, which is compatible with any normal camera tripod.

Number 2: Loosening and tightening the angle adjustment knob in the middle of the body. The rotate knob, which can be rotated to 90 degrees, enables you to lock on to your subject and zoom in for more detail. The knob position is appropriate for ergonomic design and is easy to operate. When viewing, the built-in extended shade tube minimises glare and protects the objective lens from precipitation.

Number 3 Aiming Mark: This tiny aiming mark, which has humanised design, allows you to aim at the target quicker and more simply.

Number four, focusing is simple and precise.

Number 5: Large Focusing Knob: The large focusing knob is simple and pleasant to move until the objective lens is visible. The knob position is appropriate for ergonomic design and is easy to operate.

Number 6: This zoom spotting scope has a strong magnification range that can be adjusted from 25X to 75X. Straight spotting scopes rapidly locate and follow moving objects, making them ideal for observing horizontal targets or gazing down on them. When viewing birds or the moon, retractable sunshades minimise stray light interference.

Number 7: A completely multi-coated 70mm big green film objective lens provides excellent light transmission and a brilliant broad field of vision.

BAk4 prism target spotting scopes minimise light leakage or loss, especially in low-light situations, enabling crisp viewing and clear pictures.

Number 8: The tube's angle adjustment knob enables the eyepiece to be rotated to a sideways position, offering pleasant viewing angles. The eyecup may be folded down for inspection when wearing glasses. This waterproof spotting scope is excellent for hunting, target shooting, archery, camping, outdoor activities, and wildlife observation.

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ESSLNB Spotting Scope 25-75X70
ESSLNB Spotting Scope 25-75X70 Review
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ESSLNB Spotting Scope Review
ESSLNB 25-75X70
ESSLNB 25-75X70 Review

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