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Hey everybody, Clayton here at Here at etrailer we install, test and review a lot of different products to help you as a customer make a more educated decision before your purchase. Today we're gonna be working on a 2018 Tesla Model 3. We're gonna be taking a look at and I'll be showing you how to install the Stealth Hitches kit. Today we are gonna be doing the tow package but you can also find this without the tow package. Adding a hitch to the back of your Tesla is gonna be a huge upgrade.

With the tow package, it's gonna allow us to tow a trailer and with a standard one you'll be able to use a bike rack and cargo carrier. You wanna keep in mind you cannot use this receiver tube opening to tow a trailer. What really sets the stealth hitch apart from any of its counterparts is gonna be the fact that when we're not using it, it's simply not there, it's out of sight and out of mind. And one of the best features is, is whenever we need it we can simply grab our receiver tube or our ball mount and just jam that into place and now it's good to go. Whenever you're ready to take it out you can grab your keys, unlock it, then you'll turn the latch on the other side and it will release whatever accessory you have in place.

We are gonna get a two inch by two inch receiver tube opening, which is really nice because this is gonna play well with a lot of different hitch mounted accessories. I really like this reinforced steel collar that gives it a nice finished look while also adding some stability. And even though this is removable you're not gonna sacrifice any strengths. We're also gonna have a standard 5/8 inch pin hole opening, you wanna keep in mind a pin and clip are not included but you can find one here at etrailer. We're going to get a few measurements for you to help you understand where this receiver is gonna sit on the back of your Tesla.

From the ground to the upper most part of our receiver tube opening is gonna be about 10 and a half inches. Then our pin hole actually for truths past our fascia but from the end of our hitch to the fascia it's about three inches. This is gonna be very important you wanna make sure that nothing's gonna fold up and hit your bumper. And if you've got the towing package, you just put your ball mount in just like the receiver tube, and you loop your safety chains right here on the backside, you won't have to worry about them. Then whenever you are ready to hook up to your trailer you can grab your four-pole out from underneath there, and I really liked that it has a magnet on it so you can just stick that to the hitch then get it up and out of the way, whenever you're not using it.

Our four-pole is gonna give us all those necessary lighting functions to tow a trailer. We're gonna get our taillight signal, our brake light signal and our turn signals. And if you are towing your total towing capacity is gonna be 3,500 pounds. You wanna keep in mind that that's gonna be the weight of the trailer and the load included, and your max tongue weight rating is gonna be 350 pounds, and you need to check with your owner's manual and make sure that your model is capable of towing at those capacities. If it's not always go with the lowest number between the two. And if we're using the rack receiver you're gonna get a 600 pound tongue weight rating. Again, you wanna keep in mind to check with your owner's manual and make sure it's capable of towing you those capacities. And as far as the installation is concerned getting this installed kind of is a hard job. It's definitely something you wanna set some time aside for, if you're doing just the hitch, it's not too bad the hardest part is gonna be taken off the fascia, but if you are doing your wiring, it is pretty involved, you'd have to run a wire up to the front so you just wanna keep that in mind, but it's most definitely something that you guys can do at home. That being said let's take a look at the installation together now. To begin our installation we wanna pop the trunk on our Tesla. Now we're gonna move to the top of our taillights. We're gonna have a trunk stop on each side, we're gonna remove this just by turning it, it is kind of hard to do. And if you're having trouble turning this you can grab an adjustable wrench, tighten it down to that size and then give it a turn. It is kind of hard to do it by hand if I'm being honest. Once y
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