Mi11 Ultra Unboxing and First Impression | Mi 11 Ultra - Full Review - A real camera beast!

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Mi11 Ultra Unboxing and First Impression #Mi11Ultra #XiaomiMi11Ultra #Mi11ultrareview Mi 11 Ultra - Full Review - A real camera beast! [Xiaomify] 36K ...

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Mi11 Ultra Unboxing and First Impression
#Mi11Ultra #XiaomiMi11Ultra #Mi11ultrareview

Mi 11 Ultra - Full Review - A real camera beast! [Xiaomify]
36K views#Mi11Ultra​ #XiaomiMi11Ultra​ #Mi11ultrareview​

This is it, the Mi 11 Ultra! A real camera beast, which I have just looked at a few days ago, but how is the rest of the phone?

Xiaomi has outdone themselves with this phone. Sure it’s got that same Snapdragon 888, the same display, the same front-facing camera, and the same Harman Kardon speakers as on the Mi 11… But there’s more on the Ultra.

At first, I was surprised it didn’t have the same 108-megapixel main camera but instead had a 50-megapixel main camera. But as it turns out the sharpness is better on the Mi 11 Ultra, and the two additional 48 megapixel lenses are really great to have. Finally, we have a much higher resolution ultra-wide angle lens. That is super nice to have. But even better is the 48-megapixel telephoto lens. This lens has such an incredible focal length, giving you almost DSLR-like results.

The photos I have taken with the ultra, both during the day and at night, really blow so many phones completely away. Especially the 5x telephoto lens has given me truly amazing results. -The squeeze, the field of view, and the feeling of depth is unlike anything I have seen on a phone before.

The video on the ultra is amazing as well. I have done a lot of 8K shoots, as all 3 lenses shoot in 8K. But that’s where I made a misjudgment in my photo and video review… As it turns out the video stabilization at night is incredible when using the 4K resolution. The weird thing is that there is no difference in a crop of field-of-view between the 8K and 4K video.

So I made the wrong call in saying that the night videos have pretty bad stabilization, as in 4K it's really really good.

The other notable feature on the Mi 11 ultra is sure that 1.1” rear display. At first, it might look a little bit of a gimmick, but as it gives you a live view of the camera when taking selfie photos, it is actually quite cool. Sure, I would have loved for it to do the same with 50megapixel photos and especially with video, but perhaps that is just a firmware update away. (Maybe?)

The little display is also quite nice to see time, battery and if there’s a new notification as well, and when playing music it will allow you to pause or skip a song from there as well. And why not!

So the Mi 11 ultra surely has a lot of similar features when comparing it to the Mi 11, but that camera… That camera makes it 100% worth it to consider getting the Mi 11 Ultra over the ‘regular’ Mi 11…
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