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If anyone has any Issue with our content kindly contact us by email Facebook fan page or comment us we will take down the video. thanks PTV Bolan #PTV...

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If anyone has any Issue with our content kindly contact us by email Facebook fan page or comment us we will take down the video. thanks

PTV Bolan
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PTV Bolan
There was a need of a TV channel in Pakistan especially from the side of Balochistan where 3 languages i.e Balochi, Brahvi and Pushto are spoken and there was no
channel to promote their cultural norms, customs and literature, to promote these values Pakistan Television Corporation Limited launched 1st regional channel
covering three languages Balochi, Brahvi, and Pushto on 14th August, 2005. Main office of PTV Bolan was established at PTV Quetta Centre building, Hali Road, Quetta.

PTV Bolan starts its transmission from 4.00 PM to 12.00 MN which includes live transmission with live telephone calls, emails and fax messages are received daily as
well as recorded programmes of each language i.e Balochi, Brahvi, and Pushto. During this 8 hours transmission 9” live news Bulletins of Balochi, Brahvi and Pushto are PTV Bolan
televised daily. Above transmission is being repeated on next day from 8.00 AM to 4.00 PM daily with 9’ live news bulletins of respective local languages. PTV Bolan’s
transmission pattern is as under:

04:00PM to 04:25PM 25' Bismillah + Sirat-e-Mustaqeem (Balochi Religious Programme)
04.25 PM to 04.55 PM 30’ Children Program + Documentaries
04:55 PM to 06:00 PM 65' Regional Slot on PTV-I Home & PTV Bolan.
06:00 PM to 08:00 PM 120' Brahvi Time
08:00 PM to 10:00 PM 120' Balochi Time
10:00 PM to 12:00 MN 120' Pushto Time
PTV Bolan
An exceptionally new concept in the satellite television era while most of the TV channels are struggling amongst themselves in the field of entertainment,
information and spirituality we have, come up with a new satellite television channel on Cultural norms, customs and literature of three local languages of Pakistan
i.e Balochi, Brahvi and Pushto. The channel is called PTV Bolan, It covers South Asia, Middle East, African Continent, Central Asian States and Southern Europe expanding
from Afghanistan to UAE etc. Being the only television channel on local languages, it is appreciated through out the World. We have been receiving emails from across the
border too establishing the High viewer-ship of this channel.

PTV Bolan
Since the inception of this channel many distinguished guests of different spheres of life had participated in the live transmission of PTV-Bolan.
This channel has also given opportunities to solve their indigenous problems and also to highlight the development work done by the almost each districts
of Balochistan Province. Many MNA's, MPA’s and higher provincial government Authorities have participated as guest to communicate the project made for the benefit
of people of Balochistan. Reports have been televised to highlight the negative aspects of our society in three regional languages for public awareness.
Intellectuals, poets, prominent Singers, Folk/Light Singers of Balochi, Pushto and Brahvi languages have been invited to enrich the screen beauty of PTV-Bolan.
Government Mega Projects, reports on Gawadar Projects and special reports covered and telecasted. All over Balochistan in far flung areas like, Turbat, Makran
Coastal areas and all special occasions transmission were arranged.

PTV Bolan
The feedback of the channel can be ascertained by calls, faxes and letters from UAE, Iran, Afghanistan, and Saudi Arabia in live programmes of PTV-Bolan, it is
great honor for us to that we are also receiving letters from our Soldiers, deputed at Siachin Glacier and they are viewing PTV-Bolan transmission with keen interest.
It is said with great confidence that now PTV-Bolan is a source of communication between the overseas Pakistanis and their Kith and Kins. Presently, a series of documentaries
covered in Dubai, Saudi Arabia and Behrain are being telecast on weekly basis in spite of our limited resources and budget occasions transmission were arranged.

Rationale Objective/ Purpose: The main purpose of the new channel is to provide entertainment, education and information to the people of Balochistan in all the native
languages, that is, Balochi, Brahvi and Pushto besides promoting their culture.

Program Mix: Ptv Bolan channel highlights and promotes the culture, norms. customs and literature of three languages i.e. Baluchi, Pushto, and Brahvi.
PTV Bolan
Entertainment: Shows, dramas, music, magazine etc.
Education: Short documentaries, spots, discussion with literary and educational personalities.
Information: News / Current affairs / live interaction / letters / email.

PTV Headquarters
Constitution Avenue, Islamabad.
Phone #. 051-9208651-5, 051-9203062-5
Copyrights© Pakistan Television Corp. Ltd. All rights reserved.
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