Review: Sony Xperia 5 II Unlocked Smartphone

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#cellphoneClick on link in explanation to buy! #ad - Sony Xperia 5 II Unlocked Smartphone #mobilpho...

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#cellphoneClick on link in explanation to buy! #ad - Sony Xperia 5 II Unlocked Smartphone

#mobilphone these are real rewiews abaut Sony Xperia 5 II Unlocked Smartphone coming from customers who has purchased this item share their experinces so you could make the best purchasing desicion AT&T was unable to get Samsung S20+ to work with messaging, so I chose Sony as my next pick. This phone is killer! Camera is unequalled even on auto. Havent figured out the "pro" mode yet, which should be even better.
Gorgeous screen, best battery life Ive ever had. No 5G (dont care), and no wireless charging (would have been nice). No regrets. Worked perfectly the instant I stuck an old sim card in it.
The only really bad thing about this phone is also one of its best features. The Camera.
The amount of control that you get with the pro modes is great, especially for content creators, but that being said, the normal camera mode is subpar, as well as the selfie sensor only being 8 megapixels.
Its almost like Xperia is trying to be more a camera than a phone.
The reason I give it 5 stars though, is because everything else about the phone is just a great experience, from the minimalist android package, to the advanced features for consuming content, its just an overall joy.
This Sony Xperia 5 Mark ii is the little brother to the Xperia 1 Mark ii that came out earlier this year. The 5ii is slightly smaller than the 1ii (6.1 in vs 6.5 in), without the 4K screen of the 1ii (although it makes up for this by having 120Hz refresh rate).
The 5ii also does not have wireless charging. Here are my thoughts so far: PROS: – 21:9 Aspect Ratio Screen: This screen is amazing for watching videos.
Even though the display is not 4K like on the Xperia 1ii, I think I actually like this screen a bit more because of the 120 Hz refresh rate. Watching movies on these Xperia phones is just so much better than any other phone Ive seen.
The combination of the movie-like aspect ratio and this crisp screen make it such a great experience. – Sony Alpha Camera Tech: If you are a photographer, or just really into camera technology, then no other phone comes close to these Xperia phones.
Sony incorporates many of the best features of its Alpha mirrorless cameras into this phone. This phone produces fantastic pictures. What really sets this phone apart though, is the inclusion of the Cinema Pro and Photo Pro apps.
These apps allow for TONS of advanced photography features, allowing you to control just about every setting that you could with a high end Sony Alpha camera.
So much control and awesome video effects, really impressive. If you are not a photo expert, you still might appreciate the dedicated shutter button on the side of the phone to take quick pictures.
– 4000 ma Battery: This battery life has been great, and I rarely find myself at low battery even though I watch a decent amount of content throughout the day.
– Durability: With Gorilla Glass 6 on both front and back, and IP68 water resistance, this phone seems pretty durable. It has been able to withstand a few drops with no visible damage.
– Headphone Jack! : Wow, these are getting pretty hard to find nowadays. CONS: – No Wireless Charging: If youve been used to wireless charging with other phones, it can be a bit annoying to have to go back to plugging in.
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