SG03 Dynamic Driver In-ear Earphone

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SG03 Dynamic Driver In-ear Earphone Description: All metal HiFi earphone with private mold weari...

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SG03 Dynamic Driver In-ear Earphone
All metal HiFi earphone with private mold wearing experience
Human ear measurement database intelligent synthetic cavity model
N50 high rigidity composite titanium plated diaphragm
High purity 4N oxygen-free copper braided wire

Hearing aid data technology application, through the analysis of human ear wearing data to achieve all-metal private model wearing experience

Cooperating with world-famous hearing aid companies, Reecho jointly opened the analysis of human ear measurement data. Using the concept of mild customization, Reecho established a unified standard model through the intelligent synthesis of tens of thousands of pairs of ear prints database, and designed the system-cavity to fit closely with the ear. In the protection of sound insulation effect at the same time, wear firm, comfortable and natural, ergonomic.

The aeronautical grade aluminum alloy cavity five-axis CNC fine carving grinding, the process is used in aerospace, military, scientific research, medical and other advanced technical fields

The aeronautic-grade aluminum alloy material is selected, and the five-axis CNC fine engraving machine takes 120 minutes of fine punching and wear-resisting, so that the earphone cavity reaches the complex shape of all-metal private mold.

Bright new "sound", listen to the extraordinary, the new research and development of flagship high rigid titanium plating diaphragm

A number of acoustic technology upgrades to create a special dynamic unit, high rigidity titanium plated diaphragm, N50 NdFeB magnets, thickened brass ring, etc. The frequency response range from 20Hz to 40kHz has a high resolution of the low frequency, soft vocal, balanced diversity.

Balanced acoustic technology, comfortable to listen to long time not tired

Based on the acoustic data of the loudspeaker, the front and rear sound cavity of the earphone housing is designed by the balanced acoustic technology, and then the sound field shape, the proportion of three frequencies and the size of the image are calibrated.

Japanese authoritative Hi-Res certification

Hi-Res Audio is a high quality Audio product design standard proposed and defined by Sony and developed by JAS (Japan Audio Association) and CEA (Consumer Electronics Association). The purpose of Hi-Res audio is to show the ultimate quality of music and the original sound reproduction, to get a true feeling of the original singer or performer in the live performance of the immediate atmosphere.

Imported high purity oxygen free copper upgrade line professional grade HIFI wire

It is made of 4 strands of 25 cores of high purity 4N oxygen-free copper, which ensures high resolution transmission of sound signals and no hiding of music details.

More impossible

2pin 0.78mm detachable technology design, provide more playability.
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