Unsure About Creative Finance? Here's How ANYONE in Real Estate Can Put Better Deals Together | #9

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LIVE GROUP COACHING SESSION 9 JOIN Our Mastermind on Facebook, Estate Professionals Mastermind: https://facebook.com/groups/estateprofessionalsmasterm...

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JOIN Our Mastermind on Facebook, Estate Professionals Mastermind: https://facebook.com/groups/estateprofessionalsmastermind

View this episode's show notes or listen as a podcast: https://probatemastery.com/probate-mastery-group-training-9

This is session 9 of Probate Mastery Group Coaching. Participation in live group coaching is free for anyone who has taken Chad's Probate Mastery Certification course. Learn more about the course and enroll: https://ProbateMastery.com

Episode Segments:
00:00 Introductions
0:32 How to Get Into Real Estate Investing As An Attorney
1:22 Using Title Checks as a Lead Generation Tool
5:05 Skiptracing with LexisNexis
6:22 Creating A USP to Match Your Unique Skill Set
7:53 Creating Service Packages with Vendors for Added Value Offers
10:12 Why Investor and Brokerage Partnership is So Important
14:28 What To Do If An Agent is Not Presenting Your Investment Offer
17:20 Excluding Your Offer From A Seller’s Listing Agreement (and Avoiding Implied Agency)
18:10 Transaction Engineering: Owner Finance, Land-Trust, and Novation Agreements.
25:55 Why Do Motivated Sellers Object to Owner-Finance?
28:46 SIgned Listing Agreement BEFORE Letters of Testamentary?
31:16 Matching Acquisition Strategy and Market
43:47 Getting Over The Fear of Doing Your First Investment Deal
48:45 Updates from Rodger Lecy

Links For This Session:

-Estate Professionals Mastermind Group (Facebook): https://www.facebook.com/groups/estateprofessionalsmastermind

-FEEDBACK REQUESTED: Rodger Lecy Would Like Advice on His Presentation to a Retirement Community before it is re-filmed: https://youtu.be/oXkGUdcC9Mw . Feedback can be left in the Probate Mastery Alumni or Estate Professionals Mastermind group threads, or by Facebook private message to Rodger.

How to get probate real estate leads and automated marketing: https://probatemastery.com/probatesuccess/

Preview Session 1 of Probate Mastery free! Learn more https://probatemastery.com

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