Vivo S9 5G vs Samsung S20 FE 5G camera comparison! Who will win?

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Vivo S9 5G vs Samsung S20 FE 5G camera comparison! Who will win? Vivo S9 5G is around $450 while Samsung S20 FE 5G is around $650. The midrange battle...

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Vivo S9 5G vs Samsung S20 FE 5G camera comparison! Who will win? Vivo S9 5G is around $450 while Samsung S20 FE 5G is around $650. The midrange battle of Vivo S9 5G and Samsung S20 FE 5G! -GadgetRevNow

Hi everyone, this is JD, your gadget review friend.

We're reviewing a lot of phones from Nokia, Apple iPhone, Samsung and OnePlus and will unbox the newest OnePlus 9 and last year's 8 in the next couple of weeks. If youre interestedcto know whats new you can follow our Twitter Community at gadgetrevnow.

Today is a very interesting and entertaining comparsion as we're comparing a Chinese brand that tries to give you everything to compete with the well-known brands and a well-known brand that tries to lowers down the price to compete with the chinese brands.Vivo S9 5G is the newest mid-range phone from Vivo that was just released a month ago behind X60 series while Samsung S20 FE is flagship-midrange crossover that was released just before this year started and behind the flagship S21 series.

We will compare both photos and videos and see what the differences are, and who's better. Who will win? Hey dont forget to subscribe my friend. Lets go!

The goal of this channel is to review and compare phones and devices as simple as possible, concise and friendly.

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